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Bidhan Chandra Pal

Founder and Managing Director, Probha Aurora &
National Operator, Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)

Green Key

Unlocking Sustainability in the
Hospitality Industry

The Green Key certification program, originally established in Denmark in 1994, is the leading standard for environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry. Green Key is eligible for hotels, hostels, holiday parks, conference centers, small accommodations, campsites, restaurants and attractions.

This prestigious certification signifies a commitment by establishments to adhere to the strict Green Key criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. The certification is valid for one year following a standardized procedure with applications, audits, and third-party verification.


Aims and Objectives of the Green Key Programme

Green Key aims to promote sustainability, reduce resource consumption, and foster environmental consciousness and behavioral changes in the hospitality and tourism industry, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious sector in Bangladesh, with the following objectives:

Green Key Criteria

Establishments meeting high standard environmental requirements will be certified with the Green Key certification. Currently a set of 13 categories and 100+ criteria have been developed and applied as baseline criteria for all countries.

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