Greenkey Application Process

Green Key Application Process

Each Green Key applicant has to demonstrate compliance with our programme criteria following the 4 steps:


The applicant must complete an application form and provide various documentations as proof of compliance with the criteria.



An on‐site audit is conducted in year-one and year-two, and thereafter every third year, with independent verification by Probha Aurora and/or third party when required. The on‐site audits consist of document verification and visual inspection. Also, in alternate years, off‐sites audits (documents verification) are done.



The National Jury Board’s Jurors will make the final decision on all award accreditations, ensuring a robust Green Key process, upon receiving the audit report facilitated by Probha Aurora.



The successful applicant will receive a Green Key Plaque and a Certificate.



The Green Key Certification is valid for one year and it requires renewal thereafter on an annual basis.

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